Rectory House Apartments, Sutton Coldfield

Rectory Road

The Project

Demolition of a 1960’s house on a large corner plot, and construction of two buildings housing a total of ten apartments.

Rectory House Apartments, Rectory & St Martins Road, Sutton Coldfield.

Janes Architectural were approached by the client explore the possibility of taking down a single property and replacing with apartments as a business venture. Original ideas were scaled down and following an elongated process of several planning applications and appeals, consent was obtained for ten apartments in two blocks designed to be in scale and proportion with the surrounding housing.

Oakland House Apartments, Four Oaks

Oakland House Apartments, Four Oaks

The Project

Demolition of a heavily extended and modified property previously used as a residential care home for the elderly, and replacement with a single three storey apartment block containing seventeen units.

Oakland House Apartments, Lichfield Road, Four Oaks.

The Challenge

213 interior lobby- 7Janes Architectural were approached by an entrepreneurial client to explore the possibility of taking down the current building and replacing it with a single apartment block to house single aspect units facing both to the rear and the front. To achieve the requirements of the brief there was potential for the building to be large in scale and voluminous, so careful attention was required to ensure it could both house the units required, fit in with the street scene, and of course be a desirable place to live.

The Solution

Due to the size of the property to be demolished, which was significantly larger than the surrounding properties, and the mixed development along that particular stretch of road, we were able to negotiate designs for a single three storey apartment block with two story elements to each end where it met with the adjacent detached housing. The majority of the parking was agreed to be at the rear and was accessed via a covered drive with accommodation above so as to maximise the potential volume and number of units within the building.

213 interior atrium - 6Due to the relatively high density of units within the block we wanted to create a light and airy space within the circulation spaces. This was achieved with a full height central atrium with glazed roof, which doubled up as the stair core to access to upper levels.

The completed design was sold on to Barratt homes who saw the project through to completion and achieved a quick sale on all units.

213 exterior rear - 5