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Our Services

Our architectural services can be summarized into the four main categories outlined below

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1. Advice & Initial Concept Design

We will discuss with you the Initial design ideas for your property. Provide advice on the legislation that needs to be addressed and how to organize the project and obtain planning permission.

We will meet with you to establish your design brief and formulate a description of the proposed development. We will help to confirm the viability of the brief in relation to your budget & confirm the possibilities within the confines of local legislative constraints.

If required, the existing property and grounds will be surveyed and ‘as existing’ drawings produced. We will then produce sketch design proposals to meet the requirements of your brief for discussion.

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2. Design development and Planning

We will develop the initial concept sketches to produce scale plans, sections and elevations sufficient to review the scheme with the local Planning officer, and if required obtain a budget estimate of the anticipated construction costs.

Where it is required due to particularly onerous site constraints we may suggest that a Planning Consultant is brought on board to assist with the planning application process and to provide best chance on success in the first instance.

We will progress your project through the planning approval process with as few changes as possible, and will obtain prices and organise for the relevant 3rd party surveys and reports which are often required as part of this process.

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3. Detailed technical design & specification

The preparation of detailed design information, including drawings and specifications for pricing, and information for the construction of the project.    

We will assist you with the selection and employment of the extended design team as required to include; structural & mechanical engineers, energy assessors, building control and building guarantee’s, ground investigation and quantity surveyors.

We will produce the necessary detailed drawings, specification and schedules in order to obtain an accurate price for the building works, and to comply with the relevant legislation that must be in place prior to commencing building works.


4. Tendering & Project Management

We will undertake this role in conjunction with a separate firm of Quantity surveyors who will act as Contract Administrator and be in control of the contractual & financial aspects of the project. 

Our role will principally involve monitoring quality & progress on site, providing additional design information, liaising with the design team, including specialist sub contractors and suppliers, and assisting you with the numerous choices and decisions required on design related issues throughout the construction process.

With assistance from a Quantity Surveyor we will obtain fixed prices from selected builders and organise contracts. We will then set up and administer the building contract; dealing with the issues that arise during the progress of the work, monitoring it against the agreed cost, quality and timescale.

We will be with you through to the completion of the project, produce snagging lists should they be required, prepare as built drawings, obtain final approvals and sign off.


In Summary

If you are planning to design and build a new home or refurbish / extend your existing home, the process stages are essentially the same. The service can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Our fees will be split and based on the work involved in the stages outlined above, you will of course only be committed to one stage at a time as the project progresses.

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