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The Pines - Car lift

Installation of a hydraulic two vehicle car lift below the front drive


The Challenge

The Client had previously refurbished and extended the property, but during the process had re-allocated space previously intended for garaging to create a cinema room and bar. The remaining garage had space only really suitable for a single vehicle. The requirement was to provide garaging for two further vehicles.

With the property being located in the Four Oaks Conservation area there was no option to construct further above ground garaging to the side or in front of the house, so a decision was made to explore options below ground.


The Solution

German Car lift specialist ‘Wohr’ were bought on board to find a suitable solution, and following a review of the many options available it was decided that a two car wide one car deep lift would be the most appropriate solution for the site. Wohr UK provide and install the mechanical lift, but the client has to construct the below ground enclosure and provide the relevant utilities and services to suit the suppliers high tolerances. Janes Architectural obtained planning consent for the car lift, produced the scheme design and co-ordinated the project with Wohr and the Structural Engineers. The scheme included re-landscaping the front drive to provide a fresh new look.

As can be seen from the video the lift will not only raise the cars stored inside the subterranean garage but those parked on top too. Just remember to put your hand brake on!


Under Construction

Excavating a 5m deep hole in front of your house requires some serious shuttering and bracing.
A waterproof concrete slab is then cast followed by the walls and a roof above the Plant room area. Once all this is completed and the power supply and drainage provided, the lift is installed by Wohr. The client’s building contractor then completes the roof waterproofing, steel outer frame and surfacing.

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